Sara Duell is a graphic designer based in NYC and Stockholm

I work with not-for-profit and cultural institutions, to create high-quality designs that makes social messages legible and therefore inviting to large audiences. I love to move between platforms with diverse messaging and adapting the design accordingly. This has has led me to collaborate with a wide range of clients throughout my career.

For instance, I have worked with the City of New York on their printed and digital strategic plan outlining initiatives to improve life for New Yorkers by 2050. As well as making the design for Megan Rossman’s award-winning documentary on the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn NY. I also designed Clean Slate Clearinghouse website, a state-by-state guide to help people to clear their criminal records. Pro-bono projects include a deportation defence manual for Make the Road NY, and promotional material for the People’s College of Law in Los Angeles. More about me

Civic and not-for-profit projects

Cultural projects


Feminist Design in Portuguese

Brazilian photography magazine Revista Zum just published a Portuguese translation of my essay “Feminist Design as a Method, Not Aesthetics“. The essay was originally published in Aperture Foundations Photobook Review in 2019. The translation is by Daniele Queiroz, Curatorial Assistant at the Moreira Salles Institute. A pdf of the english version is available here.

Second issue of WMN available now

WMN is a semi-annual print publication I founded and edit together with artists Jeanette Spicer and Florencia Alvarado. The publication showcases work by under-represented lesbian artists and poets. The project website also features interviews, profiles and fiction by lesbian/queer women and non-binary people. WMN currently has an Instagram following of 10K+

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